Why We

Combining our business planning capability with our engineering expertise, we act as a trusted partner to our clients, taking the time to understand the scope and specific requirements of every brief, ensuring we deliver a high quality experience and good value for our clients. Our dedicated staff-encompass a cross-section of services including Structural, Highway, Infrastructural and Civil so we can support our clients’ needs on all frontiers. We are committed to excel for the benefits of our clients with a firm focus on quality by adapting to changing times or through sustainable development. Our qualities include:

  • On time Project-Delivery
  • Flexible and Agile Workforce
  • Cost Saving

What Guides Us

We’ve come a long way and learned a lot on our journey to ethics and compliance excellence. We recognize that it’s not enough to simply comply with laws, rules and regulations. It’s also not enough to set up a framework for good governance practices. To meet the benchmark we set for ourselves, it’s essential that integrity is woven into the very fabric of our organization. We want to become a benchmark in the industry for how to do business the right way.


As Sterling-ITC security team, we support the company's employees and partners by offering a safe place to work, create and collaborate. We protect people, assets, information and reputation in both the physical and digital worlds.We understand the challenges of working in a constantly changing environment and are committed to overcoming them.


Our business is built around fairness, openness and honesty. We have a zero tolerance stance towards bribery and corruption that chimes with our focus on integrity. We provide clear guidance on what we expect of every staff member though a core set of communications. These help our employees understand our approach to ethics and how we comply with laws.


Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We’ve developed our business strategy around this fundamental principle; it’s woven into every aspect of our work, from project planning to delivery. They present rich opportunities for us to develop radically more sustainable behaviour and practice. Our activities must not endanger the future of the planet, or those who live on it.

  • 15 Yearsof Redefining Excellence
  • 51Projects
  • Presence in20 States