About Sterling-ITC

STERLING-ITC is a national network of experts working with clients, communities and colleagues to develop and implement innovative solutions to the most complex challenges. Nationwide, we design, build, operate and manage projects and programs that unlock opportunities, protect our environment and improve people’s lives.
Sterling-ITC was incorporated in 2008, by Director Ajay Arora, providing civil highway solutions as an independent consultant. The company now boasts a team of more than 300 professionals in all fields of expertise that has been achieved due to year on year growth and expansion of operational diversity. Ajay Arora has over 30 years of design experience across a variety of industry sectors throughout India. He has built a reputation for providing strong design and analytical skills in the areas of Highway Design, Structural Steel, and Reinforced Concrete.
Our services span the entire asset lifecycle from early feasibility studies, design, building and equipping, maintenance and operations, and where economically justifiable, financing. Some clients choose to appoint us for a specialist single service expertise; others recognize the value we have been bringing to their projects through our full service offering that we provide. What is important is that clients have options with Sterling-ITC. Our team has an extensive experience in all sectors of infrastructure development covering Roads, Bridges, Environment, Urban Transport, Geotechnical Investigation, Quality Control Testing, etc. We are driving positive change through innovation and technology, helping clients use resources more efficiently and creating solutions which connect with people to make their lives easier.

  • 15 Yearsof Redefining Excellence
  • 51Projects
  • Presence in20 States

Our Vision

We at Sterling-ITC have an aim of participating in the infrastructural development of the nation by providing professional engineering services. The Firm is mainly established and structured to fulfill the specific needs of national programs related to public infrastructure projects. To be the best in our industry and make an impactful change in the world.

  • Providing solutions for a connected world
  • Providing solutions for a sustainable world
  • To generate impactful ideas
  • To deliver bold solutions

Our Mission

The world needs innovators and problem solvers like us — people who turn big challenges into greater opportunities. Our mission is to reach out to the million infrastructural problems in the world and solve them from the root cause. Providing a safe place for people to live and travel. We want to provide a fierce commitment to improve the spaces we inhabit.We want to transform intangible ideas into intelligent, technology-driven experiences that improve speed and effciency, while reducing resource impacts.

  • To be the world's premier design, engineering and technical services firm
  • Deliver end-to-end innovative solutions
  • Provide superior value to our clients
  • To provide Industry-leading designs


Our values stand on a foundation of SAFETY, INTEGRITY, INCLUSION and DIVERSITY. For more than 15 years, Sterling-ITC has been guided by a deep commitment to safety, ethics and integrity, with people at the heart of our business. And we are rooted in these values and it provides a framework for how we should interact with our peers, customers, partners, suppliers and communities. It is imperative that we make the right call and conduct our business with the integrity that reflects our heritage and ethical reputation.

  • People are the heart of our business
  • Clients are our valued partners
  • Excellence is our commitment
  • Growth is imperative