Partnership Policies

At SITC we believe partnership as a value addition to the company. We believe that in collaboration we get to challenge and grow with you. We’re clear-sighted, so we get to the heart of your challenges quickly. We’re generous with our time and our effort and we act as true partners to build strong, lasting relationships with our clients. By this we are also creating the means to grow.

We use conviction-led change to drive transformation, growth and success. We believe conviction is the bedrock of great leadership more than ever. We develop leaders, teams and organisations and they help us to successfully navigate our business journey.

The business is, abundantly mobile, flexible, and elastic being free from legal restriction on its activities. The partners can introduce any change they consider desirable to meet the changed circumstances. The personal element in the business and the corresponding care, efficiency and economy are ensured. There is, thus an effective motivation to production. The fact that the liability of each partner is unlimited and each partner individually is liable to the full extent of his private fortune acts as a great check against reckless speculation.

We believe that a partnership is a value addition to the company.

A right partnership agreement can propel your business into greater visibility and profitability. Which is why our concern is to adhere:

  • Authority to Make Agreements
  • Soliciting Partnerships
  • Contract Review Procedure
  • Length of Partnerships/li>

We believe in Bridging the Gap between Expertise and Knowledge. Partnering with someone can give one access to a wider range of expertise for different parts of one's business. Everyone needs to be able to bounce off ideas or debrief on important issues. And we may need moral support when we encounter setbacks or have to cope with work and everyday frustrations. It's also easy to have blind spots about the way we conduct our business. A partnership can bring in a set of new eyes that can help us spot what we may have missed. It may help us adopt a new perspective or gain a different outlook about what we do, who we deal with, what markets we pursue and even how we price our products and services.

  • Adding value
  • Building a strategic relationship
  • Referrals
  • Specialized expertise
  • Large Resources
  • Flexibility