CRM helps our HR team function by speeding up the on-boarding process, automating the process of managing candidates, analysing resourcing needs and identifying skills gaps, and supporting the pursuit of staff retention targets. It makes it convenient for us to consolidate all the streams of data coming from recruiters, marketers and social media—and translate them into actionable business information. This platform lets us manage these streams of information across channels without losing track, and gives service, marketing, and beyond an integrated view.

CRM enables us as a business to deepen our relationships with colleagues, partners and vendors. They help us track meetings with vendors and partners, record requests, adding useful notes, schedule follow-ups and to stay on top of expected next steps. Reporting enables us to compare the efficiency of vendors and manage their entire supply chain more effectively. This as a firm helps us grow exponentially and save much of the time.

Benefits include:

  • Enhanced contact management
  • Cross-team collaboration
  • Heightened productivity
  • Reliable reporting
  • Increased candidate retention

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