Employees Test

It is a means of determining the suitability or desirability of a job applicant. We at Sterling Indo tech Consultants believe in associating with the best, which is why we have a norm of getting our candidates approved via Sharepoint or a Telephonic test conducted by our retired officials and seniors. As employees are an integral part of an association, we believe in testing the skills of a candidate before employment.
We usually conduct a Performance assessment test. In this test, we find out if applicants can do the job for which they are applying. They are directly administered and judged by Hiring Managers who will be supervising the potential hire. The tests are peer-to-peer and reflect real business tasks that candidates have to perform, should they be selected for the role. The tests are open ended, time bound, business related questions which applicants need to submit their responses for in order to prove their abilities.
We also conduct a Job-knowledge test. We administer job-knowledge tests when applicants must already possess a body of knowledge before being hired. They are particularly conducted when applicants must have specialized or technical knowledge that can only be acquired through extensive experience or training.

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